Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trekking Training

My preparation for Nepal has officially begun. It started with a moderate 7 mile hike from Stinson Beach up Mt. Tam and back. I figured that sounded like more fun than running the Greenwich street stairs for practice. I had heard about a beautiful hike along a creek with waterfalls and convinced a few friends to join me.

We started the day off with lunch at the Parkside Cafe on the beach, then took the Steep Ravine Trail up the mountain. It was a beautiful path, meandering alongside the water. At the top we reached a ranger station and then took the Matt Davis Trail back down. It was nice to switch up the scenery- trading water for grass and flower covered hills, then down through the woods and finally back to the ocean. We obviously deserved a reward after all that hard work, so we capped things off by eating ice cream on the beach. All in all a lovely day! If only the rest of my workouts were as enjoyable.

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