Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Music echoing between giant stone columns, crystal bowls, a labyrinth... Yoga at Grace Cathedral is absolutely an other wordly experience. I mentioned what a well kept secret it is before when Jamie Lindsay was teaching. Fortunately for us, Jamie's friend, Darren Main, agreed to take over his spot when he moved to NY and the church was adamant about keeping the class going.

Not to take away from Jamie at all, but the class has only gotten better. Darren often invites friends to join the practice and help set the mood by playing music. Just a few weeks ago Sam Jackson from Vibrant Stillness performed with his collection of crystal bowls. The sound was beautiful! It was unlike anything I've experienced before. Lucky for us, Sam has agreed to play the first Tuesday of each month. I highly recommend joining in. As before, it's every Tuesday at 6:15 and is entirely donation based.

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