Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm in France now and loving it! My friend Vanessa and I had a rough start- we planned on going to Mont Saint Michel first thing, but due to some train timing problems and various other issues, we had to cut that from our trip and spend the first day in Paris instead. As usual, though, if you stay flexible, things turn out well in the end. We managed to get a pretty serious discount on a gorgeous room, comlete with a color changing jauzzi tub, in a new boutique hotel called Apostrophe Hotel (another accident- we were looking for an older, cheaper hotel that Vanessa knew and discovered it had ben recently renovated, but the woman at the front desk took pity on us). They let us check in even though it was early in the morning, we got cleaned up, and decided we deserved a true French tart after all of our frustrations. Half an hour later we were relaxing in the Jardin du Luxembourg with our tarts and couldn't imagine anything much better.

I highly recomend the hotel if you're looking for one. It's based on a poetry theme and each room has a different motif. We got the printing press room complete with block stamps used as art on the walls. We each had to try out the "rainbow bath", as we liked to call it, the next morning before heading back to the train station. It was definitely the best bath I've ever had- jets everywhere with mood lighting and bath salts... we couldn't help but laugh about how we must have ended up with the honeymoon suite. The location is perfect as well, in the quaint little neighborhood near Montparnasse. All in all, things turned out great despite our earlier mishaps.


  1. you "accidentally" ended up in the honeymoon suite. did the bed take quarters?

  2. yeah, and the bath had "jets everywhere." I think I saw this hotel, right next to the Moulin Rouge in the Red Light district, with flashing neon lights on the outside.