Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Things have been super busy lately, but I'm trying to fit in some research for this upcoming trip to France. Fortunately, I've been getting some fantastic suggestions from friends. For example, I recently heard about Jim Haynes in this article. He's a 75 year old ex-pat, living in Paris who opens his home every Sunday night to anyone interested in meeting new people and enjoying some great food together. He doesn't even officially charge, there's just a suggested donation of 25 euros. Apparently, he's become popular enough that attendance can get up to 70 people or so. They say he's hosted over 120,000 people over the years. In describing himself, he quotes Tom Paine, "I am a world citizen. All human history is mine. My roots cover the earth. I believe we should know each other. After all, our lives are all connected." Who could say it better?

I love the idea of this! What better way to get to know locals and fellow travelers and take part in a truly unique experience. Unfortunately for us, we leave Paris on Sunday morning, so it looks like we'll have to miss this one. I'm so sad!!! I've heard there are other similar activities in town. If anyone knows of them- please pass on the info!

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