Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There were a few unique gems that we managed to discover in LA.

The Farmer's Daughter Hotel-

One of those newer genres of design centric budget hotels. It's a renovated old motel on Fairfax in Hollywood. You can tell all the money went into the public spaces. They manage to bring a modern twist to the farm theme. They even provide lemonade & potato chips at the front desk. The room is much simpler. Kitschy extras like the flying sheep art & the tiny wooden red stool definitely bring some interest to the space. They certainly provided us with some good photo ops...

We had brunch at the hotel's restaurant, Tart, on Saturday. Unlike most hotel restaurants, it does seem to hold its own in the city. We ate outside under the big market umbrellas. Good food & a great atmosphere. I'd definitely recommend it on a sunny morning.

Comme Ca-
I admit it, I give any restaurant with a French name a few extra points, but this one did actually deserve them. The food was amazing! I had a roasted beet salad with pistachio encrusted goat cheese & a horseradish cream sauce. Soooo good! Based on my friend's reactions, I'd say the Pain Perdue ("Lost Bread"- otherwise known as creme brulee french toast) was equally as delicious. As a designer, the interior is practically as important as the food & the service and they did not disappoint. The interior is all black and white with just a few subtle red accents and the stark contrast is quite striking. The chalkboard wall of quotes & sketches ties it all together nicely. There were several sayings that caught my eye, but I think my favorite was, "How can one make friends without exquisite dishes?" Indeed... I highly recommend a visit.

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